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Welcome to "It's Elementary"!


In this course we will uncover the cause of the diversity of matter.  We will explain how elemental properties result from atomic structure.  We will use simple physical concepts to define complex atomic bonding and to explain chemical reactions.  And we will do all this using the scientific method as it has been done for centuries.  Through careful observation and the testing of hypotheses, we will reconstruct the periodic table and discuss plausible alternatives.  We will accomplish all of this through demonstrations, hands-on lab activities, simulations, inquiry activities, and problem solving.  Once this level of understanding is achieved, we will explore student-generated topics of interest related to chemistry.



This past four weeks have been a truly rewarding experience for me.  Feel free to ontact me anytime either by email at or by using the "Discussion" board to the left.








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Tentative Schedule​ ​
​June 30

​- Set of demonstrations

- Correct way to measure

- Review of significant figures

- Safety Lecture

- pre-lab "Measurement Activity"

​July 1

​- finish Lab "Measurement Activity"

- Lecture on discoveries

- Lab "Atomic Target Practice"

​July 2

​- Lecture on Structure of Atom

- Blank Periodic Table

- Lab demo "Metals, Nonmetals, Semimetals"

​July 3

​- back to blank periodic table

-shorthand w/o diagonal rule

- the four quantum numbers

- Quantum number activity

- Periodic Trend Graphing Activity

​July 4

​- Periodic Trends Lecture

- Flame Test demonstration

- Emission and absorption spectra

- Photoelectron spectroscopy

​July 5

​- Radioactivity

- Magic Numbes

- Half-life

​July 7

​- Intramolecular bonding

- 3 ways to determine whether ionic, covalent, or metallic bond

- Conductivity Demo

- VSEPR theory (Lewis Dot)

July 8​ ​Governor's School Trip
​July 9

​- molecular geometry activity

- a couple theories

- Radial Chromatography Lab

​July 10

- post lab Radial Chromatography

- Formula Writing and Naming

- Oxidation Numbers

- Coordination complexes

July 11​

​- Precipitation lab

- Post-lab work up

July 12​ ​- Documentary
July 14​

​- Introduction to Electrochem

- Redox half-reactions

- Metal Reactivity Lab

July 15​ ​- Governor's School Trip
July  16​

​- The Mole

- Lab Estimating Avogadro's Number

July​​ 17

​- Molariity

- Stoichiometry

- Limiting/Excess

July 18​

​- Lab Fuel Cell Football

​July 19 ​- Lab Tournament "Precipitation Battleship"
July 21​​

​- Gas Laws

- Lab Molar Volume of a Gas

​July 22

​- Ideal Gas Law

- The Finals "Precipitation Battleship"

- Acids, Bases, and Salts

July 23​​

- finish Acids, Bases, and Salts

- Titration Lab

​July 24

​​- Lab Qualitative Analysis of 11 Unknowns

- Intro to Carbon Chemistry

​July 25

​- Recap

- Alternate Periodic Tables

- Evaluation